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Google’s search algorithm is constantly changing and if you’re not on top of it you’ll be left behind. Our team focuses on multiple aspects of SEO. This means your eggs are never all in the same basket. With on and off site SEO we ensure you’re building more than just links. Our professional copywriters will help you produce blogs to keep your content fresh, educational, and up to date.

Using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics we are able to view your competitors, and see exactly what they’re doing… Keeping you two steps ahead.

Search rankings

Creating Content that Ranks.

SEM & SEO Services

Our Search Engine Experts have the knowledge and AI Powered tools to make sure your content is having a positive affect on search algorithms to move you up in the page results.

For each client we develop a unique strategy and perform a monthly competitive analysis to keep you up to date on everything we do. Our plans include:

SEO Blog outreach

Press Releases & Blog Outreach

Building Quality Backlinks in your Industry

Have you ever met the shady SEO guy who hides his list and insists it’s top secret?

Those guys hate us.

This is because we share every link, article, edit, and list with our clients as we go. At Innovate Media Canada it is our belief that if you’re worried to show your clients what you’re doing then you probably aren’t doing it right. On top of this, we also share the analytics, keyword research, segmented data and graphs showing when your SEO results are up – and when they’re down.

We ensure this is possible by working with trusted suppliers and getting your content (and backlinks) on places where it matters the most. This includes getting backlinks and press releases from the BIGGEST publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Associated Press, and many more.

Press release

Optimized Content Creation

Building a Brand

Creating quality content for your business matters more and more with every update Google releases. That’s why we have built a team of creative professionals to make sure your site is constantly releasing new content that aligns with your goals. This includes:

• Professional Videography & Photography
• Original blogs & articles
• Custom graphics and infographics
• Custom made websites that reflect your business


Looking for more information on how our plans work? Get in touch with a representative for a free consultation and website audit today.

SERP Rankings

Built in On-Page-SEO

Make Your Business Easy To Crawl

Our team doesn’t just create links across the web and cross our fingers. We take optimization to the next level. With advanced On-Page-Optimization & Schema Markup we are able to build your content so it’s readable by both your clients and search engine crawlers.

Ensuring your page has the correct phrases, keywords, and meta data is vital to help you get above your competitors. We Focus on:


• Readability
• Originality
• SEO Key Phrases
• Tone of Voice


Want to learn more about this process and see behind the scenes for on-page-optimization? Check out this blog to discover the steps we take to make sure your business is showing up.

Google Business Profile

Get on Maps, Get Reviews

How long has your business been on Google Maps?

We help you make sure your GMB (Google My Business) profile is set up and displaying all the correct information so the search engines crawlers can match the listing to your site, increasing your Local SEO.


By creating a GMB you can have your reviews, website links, address, and contact information all in one place for your clients. This means it is vitally important to keep it up to date, and make sure you ask every happy client for a review.

Google maps listings

Unleash Your Brand's True Potential with Creative Copy Writing

Craft Your Story With Precision & Personality

Discover the magic of masterful copywriting tailored to your brand’s unique personality and goals. Our team of skilled wordsmiths are dedicated to crafting content that connects with your audience and propels your message forward.


Through a harmonious blend of precision and creativity, we bring your brand’s story to life in a way that resonates deeply with your target market. Don’t let your brand’s voice fade into the background – take the first step towards a captivating and unforgettable brand identity.

Ignite your brand’s voice and get started today!

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