Do I Need Professional Headshots?

It can take just 1/10th of a second for you to make a first impression on someone. After that, it can be tough to change someone’s mind.

Just based on this reason alone, it shows why headshots matter. More importantly, you need a professional headshot done right to maximize your opportunities in life.

Not convinced? Then read on to find out why studio photography is worth it for professional headshots.

You'll Get Crystal-Clear Images

While many of today’s smartphones take high-resolution images, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get crystal-clear ones. You’ll need proper lighting and the right setup to get quality results.  A studio comes with the proper equipment and skilled photographers who know exactly how to take pictures so not a single thing is out of place.

It'll Look Professional

You can try to take photos against a white wall in your home, but the end result will be mediocre. The lighting might be off and you might be in an unnatural pose.


Again, a photo studio has the right equipment to ensure your headshots come out looking professional. You’ll have full confidence that with a tenth of a second, prospective clients will have a good impression of you.

It'll Show Your Personality

Showing off your personality is important, especially if you have a client-facing job. Not only should you look professional and put-together, but you should have some personality shining through as well. Otherwise, you’re just another face in the sea of your industry.

Professional photographers know how to set up your pictures and coax your personality out. And with their skills, they’ll showcase your uniqueness in the pictures they take!

It'll Help With Branding

Disjointed branding can cause consumers to be confused and look elsewhere. And this can certainly happen if you take your own headshots with a smartphone or even a digital camera.  Professional headshots (especially those of an entire company) can pull branding together and make it more cohesive. When these go up on your website, then they’ll match the rest of your pages since everything’s done with pristine quality.

You'll Get Updated Styling

If you’ve already gotten portrait photography done before, then you might want to use those pictures for the rest of your career. But the fact is, micro-trends in fashion change every 3-5 years, while macro-trends change every 5-10 years.


So while you might have a fantastic picture, you’ll want to take new ones every 3-5 years to keep your clothes, accessories, and hair (both cut and colour) as modern as possible. Otherwise, outdated pictures might turn away potential customers.

Book a Studio Photography Session Today

As you can see, getting professional headshots with studio photography is well worth the money. Not only can you get crystal-clear images, but you can also put your best foot forward and make a stunning first impression that’ll open the door for many more career opportunities.

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