Guide To Optimizing Your Campaigns

Quality campaign management can transform your CPC advertising. 65% of consumers click on CPC ads.


Inexperienced business owners have difficulties running their own campaigns and tend to not have that kind of success on their own. Their mistakes lead them to believe that it’s not worth the investment.


With the right professional management, your digital marketing campaigns will have greater success.Find out everything you need to know about CPC advertising and how our Calgary social media management company can help.

What Is CPC Advertising?

Before you start thinking about Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising, you need to set up your company website and find flexible and secure hosting. To avoid complications, you need something that’s healthy and fast.


Once you have a website, you can set up CPC advertising. This is your way of billing advertisers who you display on your site. For every click, you receive an agreed-upon amount.


Cost Per Thousand (CPM) is a paid advertising model. You receive compensation based on how many people view the ad. It’s not based on them clicking or buying anything.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) works based on how the clicks convert into action. You are paid on commission instead of by clicks.

Signs you Need Professional Assistance

Marketing expenses can add up if you’re not careful. You will most likely end up saving money by having a professional handle your digital marketing campaigns.

Here are a few things you should look out for.

  • High costs, but low clicks
  • Low conversion rates
  • High bounce rate
  • Way too many keywords and ads

How a Professional Digital Marketing Company Will Help

Once you decide you need assistance a professional will help you keep your goals on track. They will do this by looking over your campaign performance and finding ways to improve it.

Fix Underperforming Ad Groups

A common reason for ad groups underperforming is keywords. A digital marketing company will audit your keywords. Search campaigns run best when your keywords are geared towards the target audience. 

Update Negative Keywords

Every month your negative keywords need updating. Preventing your content from appearing in irrelevant searches positively impacts your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).


A professional will select negative keywords at ad group and campaign levels. Their selections are decided based on which keywords don’t convert to conversions.

Target Display Ads

There are three common options for display ads. Audience targeting, placement targeting, and audience targeting aim to reach your target audience without attracting irrelevant traffic.

Optimize your Campaigns Now

Running campaigns in a cost-effective way takes time, maintenance, knowledge, and skill. If you’re lacking any one of these, you’re better off hiring a Calgary digital marketing agency.


Trying to organize and monitor your campaigns alone is an expensive mistake.


Even if you’re satisfied with your campaigns, there’s always room for improvement. Professionals know how to adjust your campaigns to get the most out of them. 


For more information on CPC advertising, contact us today! Our experts would love to help you get your PPC campaigns running.

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